Spring Prep

Spring Cleaning! 3/7/14


Yes the time is here! Start planning now for planting in April.  Are your beds ready?

All to often spring preparation consists of an electric trimmer and piling new mulch over the old.  This is damaging.

I could spend hour upon hour discussing the art of pruning but then you wouldn’t have the time to read this. In short a proper cut means everything from growth to health. Haven’t had blooms on your Hydrangeas or Azaleas in a few years? It’s probably because they have been pruned at the wrong time of year. Boxwoods need individualized attention to thrive. Ever notice the inside of your shrub is dead? Do your trees have snow damage? Proper pruning means the world to our flora.

How about your mulch? If you just cover the old with the new then you probably have termites, fungus, weeds, and the list goes on. Now adding new mulch doesn’t guarantee you wont have those problems but it does greatly reduce it.

All Living Things is here to create better landscapes and to do it right. Let us handle your spring cleaning. 🙂

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