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Cicada Damage

The 17 year plague came and went, Leaving our oaks, dogwoods, and various others to suffer damages. Don’t panic, the trees will survive. If you can ignore the dead tips its best to wait till winter to cut them back. If you have huge oaks and cant reach the branches, our storms will slowly remove them for you.  Remember to clean your pruners with alcohol after cutting back each tree to insure disease is not spread.

shown is a picture of the cuts cicadas make to deposit their eggs.

.cicada damage on a magnolia       17 year plague

Spring Time Gardening in Virginia

Did your tomato plants survive last nights temperature drop?

With the days getting longer and the nights getting warmer we are all very excited to start our vegetables and plant our annuals. Most of you know Mothers Day is our typical safe point for planting summer annuals in Virginia. This year however has been cool, and it looks like I will be covering my plants with a sheet for the next few nights.

Since most of our flowers and vegetables are greenhouse grown they will be especially susceptible to the cold.  For our cold crops: Lettuces, spinach, and Brussels this weather is great!

Most of you will probably survive unscathed in the lower altitudes. If the temperature remains above 35F then you can breathe easy for the most part. You may loose any early flower buds but your plants will bounce back. For us in she Shenandoah’s this drop to 31F is going to hurt. Cover your plants or bring them inside.

Warm days and fresh tomatoes are coming! Keep up the gardening and don’t let the weather discourage you. The reward is always worth the challenge.

Karinn Fry.