About Us

landscaping virginia farmsKarinn and James Fry live and work in Northern Virginia and have a passion for lovely natural landscape design.  They have the experience, education and desire to provide you with the highest-level of individual service.

Landscaping has been a hobby and passion of Karinn Fry for many years.  Growing up on a farm, her green thumb started early.  “From peppers to snapdragons, I loved helping in the garden!”  She spent years fine-tuning her knowledge working at a local nursery, while at the same time working hard to branch out as a business entrepreneur.

Karinn says, “I have been incredibly privileged to work alongside one of Virginias greatest:  C. Colston Burrell (Principal, Native Landscape Design and Restoration Lecturer, Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Virginia) whose knowledge and design go unmatched.

To compliment her years of experience, Karinn earned a diploma in general landscaping and completed the Fauquier County Master Gardener course.  She continues to keep on top of the latest gardening and landscaping techniques by attending conferences when she’s not busy outside.

James has a passion for building and working with his hands. He has built up 15 years of remolding and supervising million dollar home construction in the Northern Virginia area. “I love to see the transformation from start to finish.” as quoted by James.  He also had always wanted to be a business owner and by joining forces with Karinn, there dreams were becoming true. With Karinns aspect of the amazing plant world and James intricate building skills, they create beautiful project plans to meet the wants of all their clients and clientele.